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Manasi Pandey

Her 5 core values

Her 5 Beliefs

About Coach

Manasi Pandey founder of Life N More. Manasi is a Spiritual Life Coach and counselor and offer services for mental emotional well being, stress anger and weight management and behavioral issues

Born with an extraordinary gift. Her gift is the power to heal and her superpower is love. She is a born healer and an intuitive empath.

Manasi Pandey – founder Life N More is a Spiritual Life Coach and counselor and offers services for mental emotional well being, stress anger and weight management and behavioral issues.

10 years + experience

A spiritualist, she is an energy healer well known for distance healing. She is a Tarot Consultant and Meditation coach 20+ years.

She has authored a book Life O Life 2012


Awards & Acheivements

Charisma India Paegent 2019

Crowned Queen of Hearts

Xtraordinaari award Life Coach 2022

Life Coach

Radio Adda Excellence Awards

Life Coach Motivational 2022


Services Offered

Life Coaching Happiness

Transforming Lives Through Personal Growth and Happiness Coaching Services.

Mindfulness Coaching

Discover Inner Peace and Clarity with Mindfulness Coaching.

Guided Meditation

Guiding You Toward Serenity Through the Power of Meditation.

Energy Healing

Revitalize Your Spirit with Energy Healing Sessions.

Tarot Card Reading

Insights and Guidance through the Wisdom of Tarot Card Readings.


Unlock the Power of Self-Discovery Through Personalized Naming Services.

Stress Management

Balancing Life's Challenges with Expert Stress Management.

Anger Management

Nurturing Emotional Well-being Through Effective Anger Management.

Weight Management

Embark on a Journey to a Healthier You with Weight Management Support.

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Benefits of these Services

Experience a Complete Makeover: Inside and Out.

Mental clarity

Better Emotional regulation

Reduces anxiety & depression

Increases self-worth, self-respect and confidence

Let’s us add some Happiness in your life

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